Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How To Use Wire Headed To The Scrap Bin

I hate to throw anything away that can be used even though it might be inexpensive copper wire. In learning to wire wrap, I had to try several times to keep wires flat and place the wrap around them correctly. When I removed the failed wrap, the wire was creased in several places. Using the flat pliers, I straightened the bends as best I could.
Scrap Wire
Scrap wire
The wire on the top of the photo has been straightened. I am planning to purchase plastic tipped pliers to be able to straighten wires more efficiently.
The wires still looked rather rough and not straight. I decided nothing would be lost to try to twist them and get a useable piece of wire.
The results are pictured below. I believe the results could be used in spirals or to wrap around another wire.
Twisted Scrap Wire
Twisted Scrap Wire

Small lengths of wire can be used to make easy connectors, hooks, charms, toggles, only limited by your imagination. A supply of these items can be accumulated as you work and have small lengths of wire leftover from projects. It will be easy to have a hook closure available for a necklace or bracelet. Examples of these items are in the photo below.
Examples of uses for scrap

What do you think? Would appreciate any suggestions and ideas.


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  2. Great idea. I never throw away my bits and pieces of wire or sheet... If nothing else, I can melt them eventually. But sometimes just playing with the "trash" leads to something creative.

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